Port Townsend January 26,  2017

UK Tour Feb 2017

Is it time for a good fix of Henry Reed Tunes?




“When I was in my 20s, I was on fire to learn the music from those old guys. Now I am one.”

Bertram Levy




If you want to learn the fine points of the repertoire of Henry Reed and the legendary Hollow Rock String Band, Bertram Levy will be in the UK in February 2017.

Bertram was one of the original members of the North Carolina based Hollow Rock String Band of the 60’s.  Lead by fiddler Alan :, they played only music learned directly from the old-time fiddlers in North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. Their 1968 album is credited with launching the traditional American fiddle music revival.

Imbued with a mission to keep the music alive, Bertram has spent over 50 years spreading the Southern fiddle revival to generations of old time musicians, including his own young daughter, Madeline, with whom he will be performing and teaching in the UK. In 1997 he created the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, which has become the model for traditional music festivals throughout the United States.

Widely known for his unique “piedmont swing” banjo style,  a crossover of bluegrass and old-time claw-hammer played on nylon strings, Bertram’s solo album “That Old Gut Feeling” is considered one  of the great banjo recording classics. He has also recorded the music of Henry Reed with  Alan Jabbour and Henry’s son James and the music of Surry County with Kirk Sutphin. He is a powerful dance fiddler and author of several anglo concertina tutors including his latest  “American Fiddle Styles for the Anglo Concertina”. His previous visits to the UK were in the early ‘80s and now in his 75th year Bertram returns to pass on his music to the British friends of old time music

email contact:


1. Galax Reed Island Rounders 2016

2,  Galax parking lot 2016

3.  Same Old Man -Teatro Arteson Parejo  Buenos Aires   2015

4.  Old virgina smoke house with Kirk Sutphin

5. Old Bunch of Keyes    Portland Old Time Gathering  2015


Postcards from Argentina: A Tribute to Argentine Folklore and Tango Pianists

If you thought Argentine popular music was only tango, you are in for a surprising treat. On Sunday April 19th the great Argentine pianist Claudio Mendez will visit Port Townsend as part of his North American tour. Claudio arrives from Buenos Aires after an extensive European tour in which he presented his “Tribute to Argentine Folklore and Tango Pianists”. He will be joined by Bertram Levy, who has dedicated the last quarter of a century to the study of Argentina’s other emblematic instruments the bandoneon. Together they will present a unique tour of the diverse popular music culture of Argentine through music, stories, and video.

The composers of Argentina’s popular music have always included wonderful pianists. They are brilliantly intuitive musicians, many of them with high academic training. In this concert Claudio Mendez reinterprets some of the iconic tango and folklore themes, as well as those of lesser known composers. In this tribute to their work and to their contribution to the culture of Argentina, you will meet Adolfo Abalos, Horacio Salgán, Ariel Ramírez, Hector Stamponi, Carlos Guastavino, Juan Carlos Cobián, and Mariano Mores. According to Claudio, this is “a special way to walk through different territories of Argentina music on a journey into this great little cosmos that is the sound of the piano.”

Together Claudio and Bertram will perform classic tango duets. Bertram will also present solo compositions not usually heard on the bandoneon, pieces that explore the complex polyphonic potential of the instrument by Argentine composers including Rodolfo Daluisio, Eduardo Arolas, Daniel Binelli, and Astor Piazzolla.

Claudio and Bertram have a deep friendship that spans more than a decade and together have toured in both Argentina and United States. The warmth and depth of this friendship is reflected in both their music and their stories, providing a unique cultural experience to those who attend. They will be joined by Al Bergstein, who will present video clips which embellish the stories and imagery.

The concert begins at 7:00 PM on Sunday evening April 19th at the First Baptist Church 1202 Lawrence Street. Admission is $15.00. Reservations recommended at


The Tangoheart Quintet will be returning to Port Townsend on Sunday August 31st, Labor Day weekend for a special concert of “Tango’s Golden Gems of the 40′s.” Tangoheart only performs once every year and a half in Port Townsend so this is a rare opportunity to hear the premier tango ensemble in the Northwest.

The concert will be at the First Baptist Church 1202 Lawrence Street at 8:00 PM. Admission is $15.00

For reservations write

Tangoheart Quintet in Concert

Tangoheart Quintet  Milonga

Tacoma Cultura Center  in Tacoma Washington

June 1 7:00 PM

Midwest March Tour  Sutphin and Levy

3/6          St Louis, MO Schlafly Bottle Works

3/7         Columbia MO  dance Ballroom Academy of Columbia,

3910 Peachtree Drive

3/8          Columbia MO  concert at Little Dixie house concerts

3/9          St. Louis  MO: dance at the Monday Club 37 South Maple

Webster Groves

3/12          Fayetteville Arkansas Workshop Maybell music

3/13           Fayetteville Concert Underground Art gallery,   

3/14          Champaign Illinois Concert  Pizza M         levy-         duo/?instance_id=7903

3/15  St. Louis Saturday morning 88.1 KDHX on Keith Dudding’s

Down Yonder

Evening concert at the Focal  Point  2720 Sutton Blvd St. Louis

3/16  Workshop at the Focal Point   St Louis



May 26th Sunday at 7:30 PM  Tangoheart at the Juan de Fuca Festival of the arts.
KONP Elks stage   131 E 1st  street  Tangoheart will play for the tango dancers

Tangoheart at the Rose


East Coast Tour March

March 3    Saturday Workshop: American Fiddle Styles for the Anglo Concertina
Sponsored by the Button Box Amherst MA. 10:00 to 4:00

March 3    Saturday 7:30     Concert    Bertram Levy with Mark Simos
Amherst UU Meetinghouse
121 N. Pleasant St., Amherst, MA  01002.
For information Rebecca/The Button Box


March 4,  Sunday House Concert   Bertram Levy and Mark Simos  4:00PM
Watertown, MA
Seating is limited. Please email to make reservations and get directions and parking information:
Suggested donation: $20

We have many stairs to our front door and unfortunately are not handicap accessible. There are cats in the house (although they will not join us for the concert.)

March 5   Monday Class in Old Time Muisc   Berklee College of Music  Boston  Monday afternoon March 5  with Bruce Molsky

March 9    Friday 8:00 PM
Winston Salem North Carolina  House Concert Bertram Levy and Kirk Sutphin
Home of Kurt Lohman  for information  contact

March 10  Saturday 8:00 PM
Durham North Carolina   House Concert  Bertram Levy and Kirk Sutphin
Home of Clarke Thacher
concert mailings and reservations
phone 919-286-7963

March 11   Sunday 6:00 PM
Charlotte North Carolina    House Concert   Bertram Levy And Kirk Sutphin
Home of Elizabeth Teagarden and Carter Mills
For details email teagardensound@gmail.comor call 704 444 0253

Workshop in afternoon for fiddle and banjo with Kirk Sutphin and Bertram Levy

February 18

Workshop “Dusty Strings”
Seattle 10:30 am to 4:30 pm
For info: 206-634-1662
Dusty Strings

Feb. 8  7:30 PM  Concert at Island Music Center
Bellow Visions form Appalachia to the Tangosphere
Bertram Levy Concertina and Bandoneon with Michael Townsend Guitar and Russell Clark Bass

Workshops in Buenos Aires in October 2011;  “American Fiddle Styles From Virginia and North Carolina”

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