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It is almost thirty years since I wrote “The Concertina Demystified” and its widespread popularity has been very gratifying. I am equally gratified that over these years, I have continued to evolve and grow in my understanding of the instrument. Study and growth are essential parts of the musician’s life. My evolution has come in part from playing repertoire not usually associated with the concertina. The other part of that growth has come from my studies of the bandoneon in the last two decades and in particular in the last six years at the Conservatorio de Manuel de Falla in Buenos Aires with the great Rodolfo Daluisio. While it is impossible to play the two instruments interchangeably, the skills required to play the bandoneon have great applications to the 30-button Anglo concertina.

“The Concertina Demystified” is an introduction to the chordal organization of the Anglo con-
certina keyboard. This present work is an in-depth study of the art of phrasing. Phrasing is the
basis of style and essential to playing tunes smoothly, rapidly, and rhythmically. The 30-button
Anglo concertina is a two-and-a-half to three octave instrument of which a number of notes are only present in one direction. This forces changes in bellow direction that can alter the natural phrasing of the music. Fortunately one can work within these limitations to produce a pleasing result and in fact it becomes an interesting spatial game. However, to play the game, one needs a large toolbox of fingerings from which to draw.

This book contains thirty studies, each of which presents a different set of moves to accomplish the diversity of phrasings. Although the repertoire is based on American fiddling styles, when you finish these thirty studies, you will have the skills to better approach all styles of music including folk, popular, classical and world music.

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