Review County Records of “The Bellow and the Bow” August 2012

Though we normally don’t carry recordings featuring the concertina, there are 3 good reasons why we are including this new disc in our catalog and on our web site: a) the record features the fine old-time fiddler Kirk Sutphin; b) also featured is Bert Levy (on concertina and old-time banjo) a good musician who long time old-time fans will remember as part of the legendary Hollow Rock String Band from North Carolina; c) there’s a fine selection of 16 tunes, most of which will be quite familiar to old-time fans—tunes like SHADY GROVE, BLACKBERRY BLOSSOM, SHOOTING CREEK, BILL CHEATHEM, SAIL AWAY LADIES, JAWBONE, EBENEZER, GREEN WILLIS, OLD MOLLY HARE etc. There is nice interaction between the instruments and it makes for quite enjoyable listening. (Actually there are 4 good reasons for us to carry this CD: the fourth being that it’s just good music!).



Review Fiddler Magazine

Sutphin & Levy, The Bellow and the Bow, Unique Duets of Southern Fiddle Classics (


This is an interesting blending of two talents resulting in some superb music.  The use of concertina in old time music is not widespread but it happens and here the talents of these gentlemen are evident as they rollick through these tunes.  Sutphin’s fiddle is always a delight to hear and we get to hear him playing more than the Round Peak tunes that he is so often associated with.  The interplay with Bertram Levy’s concertina and banjo is intriguing and entertaining.  Drawing tunes from Henry Reed and from Levy’s time in the Hollow Rock String Band – “Shoes and Stockings”, “George Booker” – and tunes Kirk learned from Floyd “Bert” Edwards – “Pretty Betty Martin” and “Coralee” – the program is rich in well-played great music.      – Bob Buckingham



Fiddler Magazine, Winter 2012/13, Vol. 19, No. 4, page 51



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